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🖤💚 Day 4 of 5 🖤💚

So, 4th day, final night, and another great one 👍 The rain 🌧 stopped at about 3pm and sunshine 🌞 broke out 😎 Gorge walking, bushcraft and all children canoeing together, brilliant fun 😊 Disco tonight, my my, they scrub up well in their disco clothes 😀 🥰💃🕺
Orienteering and LaserQuest tomorrow morning before we head back to Bangor 👋 
It would be remiss of me not to thank Miss Roddy, Miss McGrattan, Miss Flannigan, Mrs Lisney and Miss Rogan who have been here alongside myself for the 5 days, giving up their own family time willingly for our children 🥰
Finally, a thank you to our boys and girls, who have, honestly, been outstanding... 👏👏👏
Mr Rafferty 👍