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September 2021 Return :-)

Dear Parent/Guardian,


As the return to school approaches, please see procedures for September. You will be familiar with many of these from last year, as will the children.


School Clubs

  • Breakfast Club will be operational from Wednesday 1st September (with classes socially-distanced) Please note – Breakfast Club MUST be booked in advance via EduSpot School Money.
  • No After-Schools clubs initially – guidance to follow.


School Dinners

  • School dinners will be available from Wednesday 1st September – Please note – Dinners MUST be booked in advance via EduSpot School Money.


Healthy Break

  • Please note – school currently wil not be able to supply Healthy Break – please keep in mind the school’s Healthy Food initiatives – please do not send in sweets/crisps/fizzy drinks etc for break or lunch.


Class Bubbles

  • Given the significant rise in infection rates, Class bubbles will continue in the interim.


Entrance/Exit Points

  • Different Entrances/Exits for Year Groups as per last year where they will be met by a member of staff – see attached.
  • Parents of children Y5-Y7 should leave their children at School Gate as per last year’s procedure.


Reception Area

  • Parents should not be at Reception Area – please phone/email office as before.
  • Please encourage your child to be as organised as possible and check they have everything before they leave the house in the morning – this will avoid unnecessary trips to the school throughout the day.


Face-Covering/Social Distancing

  • Face-coverings should continue to be worn whilst on school site (adults) with social-distancing at all times.


School Uniform

  • Children from September should only wear PE uniform on designated PE days – full uniform at all other times.


School Bags

  • School bags/Lunch boxes/Pencil Cases will be allowed into school.


Principal & Vice-Principal will be at the front gates of the school each morning and afternoon - and any messages should be phoned or emailed through to the school office.


Entry/Exit Doors -Sep21


Year Group - Teacher

Entry / Exit door

Y1 Miss Coulter

Y1 Door

Y1 Miss Murphy

Y1 Door

Y2 Miss Devine

Exterior Classroom Door

Y2 Miss Dempster

Exterior Classroom Door

Y3 Mrs Ewing

Exterior Assembly Hall Door

Y3 Miss Flannigan

Exterior Assembly Hall Door

Y4 Mrs Butler

Back Door extension Playground

Y4 Mrs Barklie

Back Door extension Playground

Y5 Mr Marsella

Back Door extension Playground

Y5 Mrs Finlay

Back Door extension Playground

Y6 Mr Richardson

Back Door extension Playground

Y6 Mrs Bradley

Back door opposite Nursery

Y7 Miss Roddy

Back door opposite Nursery

Y7 Miss McGrattan/Mrs Lisney

Back door opposite Nursery