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Monthly Awards

'Pupil of the Month' Award

This award is presented by Mr Rafferty each month at a special AWARDS ASSEMBLY to a child in each class who has worked hard in a particular area - we tell the children it's not only the BEST work that can win the award, but also the BEST effort! Each child receives their certificate and a special PUPIL OF THE MONTH badge to wear for the following four weeks.


'CAPPY AWARD' (Character Approach to Problem Solving)

This award is presented by Mr Rafferty each month at a special AWARDS ASSEMBLY to a child who has displayed the CAPPY trait of the month - examples are Dilligence / Honesty / Caring / Friendship etc. Each child receives a certificate and a special CAPPY badge to wear for the month.

January Award winners 2019

January Award winners 2019 1
January Award winners 2019 2
January Award winners 2019 3
January Award winners 2019 4

December 2018 Award winners

December 2018 Award winners 1
December 2018 Award winners 2
December 2018 Award winners 3
December 2018 Award winners 4

November 2018 Award Winners

November 2018 Award Winners 1
November 2018 Award Winners 2
November 2018 Award Winners 3
November 2018 Award Winners 4

September 2018 Award Winners

September 2018 Award Winners 1
September 2018 Award Winners 2
September 2018 Award Winners 3
September 2018 Award Winners 4